Meditation Starter Kit


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This Meditation Starter kit has the necessary elements for your awakening and your meditation path. Is the perfect mindfulness tool.


The Kit Includes:

-A QR code with a short meditation audio, that will guide you to use the elements of the kit.

-A Soy wax massage Lavender Candle (For more information go to our tap candles and you will find details on how this essence will work for you).

-Amethyst point and chips.

-Peace and Relaxation roller blend with almond oil as base(For more information go to our tap essential oils and you will find details on how this essence will work for you).

-2 clear quartz, with an explanation card of how you can intention it.

-7 cards, of the 7 different chakras with specific description of each chakra and personalized mantras to help you balance your energy.

-Bath Salt Scrub of Jasmine essential oil.

-Palo Santo, to clean your space. 

All our products are handmade and energetically intentioned to help clean your energy field.


The kit was created for you to learn how to meditate, to be able to see that the answer of any issue or suffering in your present moment is within you. This kit was also created to teach you how you should breathe to relax yourself.


How does it work? 

Throughout a meditation we guide you on a unique spiritual experience. Through 7 cards included in the kit you will receive a spiritual message to help you balance a specific chakra.


Additional information

Weight 27 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 3 in

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